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Sept 22 | Canon List Added

Sept 20 | Board upgraded to Premium status!

Sept 18 | Second skin added!

August 28 | Welcome Erin to the staff team!

AUGUST 17 | Activity Check closes on the 27th and OTM's for September are due by the 30th!

AUGUST 1 | Happy one month, Fallen Idols! Check out the newest announcement for information on the new event and the OTM winners! Congrats guys!

JULY 31 | Female OTM tie-breaker poll will close tonight!

JULY 28 | A site-wide event will be announced shortly!

JULY 1ST | Fallen Idols is officially open!

JUNE 18TH | Fallen Idols is currently a WIP SPN site based loosely after Season 7!


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